Tsinghua-CRI dual Master’s program in Internet + Innovation Design (IID)

Open FIESTA, Tsinghua University, in partnership with Center for Research and Interdisciplinary in Paris (CRI), France

Program Overview

The Master’s program in Internet Innovation Design (IID) is axe on the frontier of interdisciplinary Internet thinking and innovation design, covers the areas of education, art, public management, environment protection and finance, and promotes comprehensive understanding and cutting-edge innovation in the related field toInternet and Interdisciplinary design.

The full-time program spans 2 years or 2.5 years. The students who meet the graduation criteria of Tsinghua University and Paris Diderot University will be awarded dual Master degrees.

Program highlights
  • The program permits each graduate design his own study plan, as curriculum, internship and project in various disciplines.
  • Each graduate needs to do four rotations in various international innovation labs, workshops and cooperative platforms. Each rotation costs at least 3 months.
  • Each graduate has an international mentor team from a different background to help to draw up personalized curriculum and research project.
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