Tsinghua-CRI Joint Master’s Programs 
 Tsinghua University,2017

(For international students)

Master in BIO³ (Biology-Nanobiology- Bioinformatics)

Master in IID (Internet + Innovation Design)


“If you are a creative, cooperative, andcritical thinker that want to make positive impact on the world, Open FIESTA isfor you. The international master programs are tailored to enlighten, empowerand engage you to foster exponential projects allowing you to build yournetwork and abilities to realize your potential.”

-- François Taddei, Director of the Center forResearch and Interdisciplinary Co-director of Open FIESTA

“At Open FIESTA you will find peers, mentorsand a frame of freedom that will help you develop as a human being while yourideas will reach a new stage. The unique global network for open innovationoffers the chance for young talents from all over the world to meet, to learn,to collaborate, and to grow together into future innovation leaders that willco-build a bright and sustainable future for all humanity.”

-- Luping Xu, Director of Open FIESTA


As well stated in the UN SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the world is facing unprecedentedfast-growing challenges, including multi-faceted economic, social, climatic andenvironmental crisis.

Tobe able to train our next generation to be innovative problems solvers, it willthus require new programs where they can learn through research not only how toaccess the precious knowledge produced by their elders, but also to create newone. They should also learn meta-skills such as learning how to learn, tocriticize constructively, synthetize or recombine ideas, to be creative, tocollaborate with people that come different backgrounds and cultures forinnovation.

Top universities of today have to evolve withredefined strategies to adapt to this   urgent need of higher education in the 21st century.


Open FIESTA is to build a Global hub and aworldwide network to foster next generation research, education and innovationat Tsinghua University, which is dedicated to:

Prototyping a new model of a university for the 21st century;

Cultivating the next generation innovators;

Building a worldwide open community for interdisciplinarydiscovery and innovation;

Exploring the solutions for sustainable development andinnovation.


Open FIESTA(Open Faculty for Innovation, Education,Science, Technology and Art)isco-established by Tsinghua University and the Center for Research andInterdisciplinary (Paris Diderot University) in June 2015. Open FIESTA aims tointegrate the global innovation resources, collectively study, develop andshare exponential technologies and disruptive paradigms to catalyze globalinnovationfor sustainability, and nurture the students with creative spirit,entrepreneurial capability and strong social responsibility.


By bridging the unique advantages of Shenzhenand Paris, two most creative cities of the world, and collaborating with topinstitutes, companies and organizations around the world, Open FIESTA iscreating a global hub to foster outstanding interdisciplinary research and openinnovation. Great minds from diverse backgrounds and regions meet here to shareand to collaborate on addressing the most challenging issues of our era,ranging from personal mental healthcare to global environmental protection andeducation reform. Based on the spirit of open source and collectiveintelligence, senior experts and young talents from academia, industry and socialsectors are interconnected to cultivate brand new ideas and to deliverparadigm-shifting innovations with high technical and social impacts.

Shenzhen, the unique 'Special Economic Zone(SEZ) in China is the commercial, financial, high tech and fashion designcenter of the state. Privileged policy brought Shenzhen rapid growth since1980, making the fourth high GDP in China at the time. Shenzhen, known as the “ChineseSilicon Valley”, the integrated, high-efficiency industrial clusters and advantageous financial policy creating anactive and innovative ecosystem, generated the most high tech startups andcompanies in the nation, such as Huawei,ZTE, Tencent, Mindray, and BGI. Huawei has grown to the largest globallyfranchisers of communication equipment and provided services for a third of theworld’s population. Tencent, leading Internetplatforms in China QQ, WeChat, Qzone, and Tenpay have brought together China'slargest Internet community and the third Internet company in the world. Over the years, the number of makers in Shenzhenhas been growing drastically. Many of the institutions, including Chaihuo MakerSpace, Makeblock, Maker Workshop, have already gained much fame and influenceboth domestically and overseas.


Innovation is becoming both an urgent social need and a must personalskill to adapt to the fast developing 21stcentury; however, universities arenot evolving fast enough to nurture the next generation innovators. Based onthe leading practice of education reform at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinaryat Paris, Open FIESTA is aiming at building a global campus with a paradigm-shiftingmodel of education that can enlighten, engage and empower the youth to befuture innovation leaders.

At Open FIESTA, all graduate students are supposed to have their ownpersonalized and interdisciplinary curriculum, which will optimize their growthin personality and capability of innovation. Experienced international mentorsfrom diverse background in academia, industry and social sectors take theresponsibility to help the students to design their learning path and coachthem during their internship and project building. The students work incollaborative teams to explore and develop their unique potentials by dealingwith complex challenges in a broad spectrum of sustainable development. Theglobal network of Open FIESTA offers challenges and the resources with highquality and diversity for the students to carry out their research orinnovation projects in worldwide. The global network of mentorship andtraining, the interdisciplinary and personalized curriculum and the learning throughinnovation methodology make the key pillars for Open FIESTA as a global opencampus for those who want to develop outstanding creative and criticalthinking, global perspective, multi-dimensional entrepreneurial skills, and thecollaborative network with the common passion to solve the most challenging issuesfor the world.


Given the complexity and difficulty of the challenges that the world isfacing in all fields, we need to keep exploring innovation solutions withmassive and collective intelligence at global level. Together with the keycollaborators such as the CRI at Paris, the University Sorbonne Paris City,the ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Sage Bionetworks in the US, NESTA of UK, RyersonUniversity of Canada, UNESCOand BGI, etc. Open FIESTA is taking the leadingrole of sharing and prototyping new methods and exponential technologies thatmay transform the way we think and do science, education and innovation in thefuture. To this end, Open FIESTA settle a global stage for international innovation activities, such asglobal assembly on open science, open education and open innovation,international innovation camp on sustainability, international competition forthe development of next generation educational platforms, etc. All our studentsand collaborators are encouraged to join in the creative actions and to launchtheir own initiatives. Open FIESTA will provide significant financial andtechnical support to help the students to develop their change-making ideas.


Tsinghua University

l  Top 1 University in China and Top 25 University all over the world(QS world university ranking, 2015);

l  One of the 18 most beautiful campus of the world;

l  Most selected top students from all over China and the world;

l  High quality and diversity of research: 131 scientific researchinstitutions and 79 national research institutions;

l  Top Alumni including the national leaders of China;

l  11735 staff, 11136 full-time students, 3476 overseas students.

l  Strong alumni network including Chinese president Jinping Xi, ex-presidentJintao Hu, Chinese premier Rongji Zhu, etc.

Center for Researchand Interdisciplinary in Paris

l  A presidential project of education innovation in France;

l  Recognized internationally as a most pioneering program forinterdisciplinary and innovation education;

l  The inventor of open mentorship and evolvable pedagogy to supportstudents to develop their own research and innovation projects;

l  Three degree programs integrated Bettencourt curriculum,Paris-Descartes University, and Paris-Diderot University with interdisciplinarydiploma and “white” diploma.

The InternationalCity- Shenzhen

l  The first special economic zone in China's reform and opening up;

l  China's most innovative cities (2011 Forbes list);

l  Ranked second in 'the world's most economically competitivecities' list (British 'economist' 2012);

l  ‘The world's ninth financial center’ the global financial centerof London announced the global financial center index showed in 2010;

l  GDP: Rank 3rd in China; and the growth rate of emergingtechnology industry GDP rank 1st in China;

l  China's youngest city, the average age of the citizen is 29.5years old;

l  2013 United Nations Award ‘Global model city to promote nationwidereading’;

l  The PCT international patent applications and ownership, effectiveinvention patent ownership per million people are rank 1st in China.

Academic Programs

Open FIESTA is looking for excellent Masterstudents from all over the world, who are creative, open-minded, passionate,risk-taking, daring to dream and willing to be a change maker for a betterworld, and have outstanding personality and soft skills including fastlearning, interdisciplinary communication, teamwork and leadership.

Master program of BIO3 (Bio-Nano-Info) is axe on frontier ofInterdisciplinary life science, covers the areas of life science, Nano scienceand technology, and information technology, and promotes comprehensiveunderstanding and cutting-edgeinnovation in the related field to life science,and the advanced Medical and healthcare.

Master program of IID (Internet +Innovation Design) encourage cross-disciplinaryinnovation on the interface between art, design, information science andtechnology, and social science, aiming at cultivating one’s ability oninterdisciplinary cooperation, creative thinking and design, and innovationmanagement and leadership.


Open FIESTA Master Programs last 2 -2.5years. Students study at Global Campus at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University in thefirst year, and at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (Paris DiderotUniversity) in the second year. The study location in the third year can beoptional for the students.In this year, students have to prepare theirgraduation, including graduation project, dissertation etc.

The students who intend to get dualdegree from Tsinghua University and the University of ParisDescartes or Paris Diderot will have to enroll on both sides.

The students who meet all requests forgraduation on both sides will be awarded dual Master degrees.

Curriculum (Master’s Program in BIO³)

Scienceand medicine

Micro&Nano biology and technology


Experimentalmethods in biophysics

Biology-Nanodetecting techniques

Informationand communication technology



Studieson Organizational Theory and Management Practice

BrandImage Strategy and Design

Seminaron Data and Applications

Curriculum (Master’s Program in IID)

Designfor Social Innovation

Internationalthinking and Technology

Seminaron Data and Applications

Productdesign and development

BrandImage Strategy and Design


Informationand communication technology

ModernCAD Methodology and Technology

DesignThinking and Method of Cross-media


Studieson Organization Theory and Management Practice

Introductionto Creativity, Innovation, Startup, Makers and Venture capitals

Designand Fashion


Admissions Criteria

Open FIESTA will admit up to 15 international (non-Chinese) students foreach Master program

l  The students with a Bachelor’sdegree or supposing to attain a Bachelor’s degree before registering atOpen FIESTA can apply for Open FIESTA Master’s program. Students who tend toapply Open FIESTA can read 《Tsinghua University Admission Brochure》as a reference on Tsinghua Website. Excellent students haveopportunities to immediately study in Open FIESTA through graduate candidatesexempt from admission exam.

For BIO3 (Bio-Nano-Info) Master Program: applicants in the areas of life science,physics, chemistry, material sciences, mathematical sciences, electronics,computer sciences, Nano science and technique are all eligible.

For IID (Internet +Innovation Design) Master Program: applicants in the areas of art andindustrial design, social science, computer sciences and technology and bigdata are all eligible.    

l  Since this program is delivered in English, the applicants shouldbe able to adapt to an English studying environment.


Step 1: OnlineApplication

Complete Online Application on the website of International

StudentsOffice, Tsinghua University (http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn/

fromNov. 1st, this year to Mar.31st, the next year. Printand

sign the Application Formafter the application status changes to


Step 2: DocumentsSubmission

Documents for application

l  Application Form with 2-inch recent photo, signed by theapplicant.

l  Personal statement.

l  Photocopy of Bachelor’s Degree certificate. (Those who have notgraduated yet shall offer a proof of education in current academic institutionand academic transcript. The applicants should submit original or notarialdegree certificate after being conditionally admitted.)

l  Academic transcriptof undergraduate study.

l  Two academic recommendation letters from scholars of associateprofessorship or higher (must show referee’s phone number and email address onthe letter).

l  The page with personal information in the passport (personal andordinary passport).

Please submit the application documents to the contactaddresslisted on the bottom page before Apr.15th.

Step 3: Application FeePayment

Two ways to pay application fee:RMB 600(non-refundable)

l  Pay online using credit card: After the application documents arereceived,applicant will receive an email of the online payment draft sent bystaff, and should pay the application fee via the online application system.

l  Pay in cash at the International Students Office (Room 120, ZijingBuilding 22)of Tsinghua University.

Step 4: OriginalApplication Documents Submission

Applicants who are conditionally admitted by Tsinghua University

shall submit all the original application documents listed above to

the contactaddress, no later than May 31.


After evaluation of theapplicants’ documents, the Open FIESTA

Admission Committee will online interviewthequalified candidates.


Study in CHINA (per 1 year):

Tuition Fee: RMB 33,000/year.

Health Insurance expense: RMB 600/year.

Accommodation Fee: RMB 800/month.

Study in FRANCE (per 1 year):

Registration Fee: EURO 200/year.

Health Insurance expense: EURO 200/year.

Accommodation Fee: About EURO 250/month.

Campus Life

l  Library with1.5 million bookscapacity, 1700 network node, 2,500 reading seats.

l  Open labs, I-Space and innovationincubators;

l  171,917m2 large sportscenter- table tennis, badminton, volleyball,basketball, gymnastics.

l  Accommodation area facilities- restaurants, medical centers, convenience stores and free carpark.

l  Dormitory equipped with air condition, balcony, bathroom, supply hot water,and Wi-Fi.

Contact Us

International Students Office: http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/openfiestacenter/

Open FIESTA: http://www.fiesta.tsinghua.edu.cn/

CRI: http://cri-paris.org/

Open FIESTA Address: Room 301e,Building E, Tsinghua Campus, the University Town, Shenzhen 518055, P.R.CHINA