Adrien Husson
Engineer, Project leader
Motion Lab, The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI)
gesture recognition dealing with new technologies
Amodsen Chotia
Scientific director
Game Lab,The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI)
international game competition for education and research
Bo Yuan
Associate Professor
data mining, evolutionary computation and GPU computation
Chun Yuan
Associate Professor
applications of deep learning in computer vision
Danqing Shi
interactive design and new media art
Francois Grey
Professor, Director
University of Geneva, The Tsinghua-Geneva Initative, Director of Digital Strategy
nanotechnology, citizen science, SDGs
Guangling Liu
Associate Professor
organizational economy and management science
Haitao Zheng
Associated Professor
network science, semantic net,information retrieval ,machine learning, medical information and artificial intelligence
Hongbin Jiang
Assistant Professor
product design innovation
Jianyu He
Assistant Professor
Chinese government and politics, state and social relations, social organization and social management innovation
Jin Huang
Senior designer
application of design thinking in human-computer interaction, brain-computer interface, information architecture and systematic design, design strategy
Joel Chevrier
Professor, Lab director
Motion Lab,The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI)
interdiscipline of new technology, science, education and art
Jun He
Associate Professor
intellectual property law and competition law
Kevin Lhoste
Project manager
Maker Lab, The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI)
interface between electronics and computer systems with living systems
Leonor Tourneboeuf
The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI)
product conception with innovation management
Long Zeng
product design and intelligent manufacturing
Luping Xu
Associate Professor
the diversity of biophysics, biomechanics of single cell phenotype and nano-bio technology
Sophie Pene
EdTech Program, The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI)
innovative approach of education and research pedagogy
Wei Huang
visual communication, creative thinking, VIS , brand strategy and image design
Xiaomei Nie
interdiscipline of communication, design and management
Xiu Li
decision support system in CIMS, artificial intelligence applications in CIMS, E-commerce and supply chain technology
Yanlin Chen
Associate Professor
applications of traditional handicraft
Ying Kong
industrial economics, healthy economics, International economics and commercial strategy
Yong Jiang
network architecture, Internet applications , mobile Internet and Internet techniques
Yuhan Dong
Associate Professor
wireless communication and network , information and signal processing, wireless optical communication, sensor network and applications
Yujiu Yang
Associate Professor
data science and Web data mining
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