2015年9月25日,联合国193个成员国在可持续发展峰会上正式通过了17个可持续发展目标(Sustainable Development Goals,SDG),旨在从2015年到2030年间以综合方式彻底解决社会、经济和环境三个维度的发展问题,使人类转向可持续发展道路。

In 2015, 193 member countries in the United Nations formally passed 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit. The goals aim to eliminate all forms of poverty, inequality and fight climate change from 2015 to 2030.





As young and energetic university students, what can we do? Eliminate hunger?

Realize food security? Help more people receive quality education? Fight against gender and gender inequality? Improve living conditions and water source hygiene?Or perhaps build a safe, inclusive, disaster-proof and sustainable living community?

Now, have you ever thought that you could solve these problems with your passion and creativity? That one of your ideas could become a solution to social problems?

激发创意 赋能创新


Now, here is an opportunity to contribute your passion and knowledge. During the SDG Open Hack @ Tsinghua, you will devote 24 hours of your time to change the world. Here, you can discuss sustainable development growth with like-minded friends and brainstorm for solutions. You will get to cultivate your innovative thinking to show the social mission and responsibility of the new youth!

Good News!It's time to register!


SDG Open Hack




This event is convenedby Tsinghua University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Coordination Committee, co-organized by Tsinghua x-lab, iCenter, Center for Global Competence Development, Office of Technology Transfer, and Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School.

 From Nov.28 to Nov.29, students will participate in a 24-hour hackathon challenge. 19 departments and schools will host hackathons with different topics at the same time. Each hackathon event will be led by a Hack Leader who would be a distinguished professor from the faculty. On the afternoon of Nov.29, there would be a grand final competition.

Students are encouraged to choose a hackathon with the theme that they are best interested in; and form an Innovation Team during the event. Each team should focus on the Challenge to come up with an Innovation Solution. Four to five professional experts will be invited as mentors and judges for each hackathon. The best Team will be selected to compete in the final presentation and award ceremony.

The SDG Open Hack is open to all Tsinghua students, as well as other domestic and foreign universities. There are no school restrictions, no department restrictions, no major restrictions, and no grade restrictions. Due to the epidemic, the event will be held online and offline.(Tsinghua students should participant on site,other universities and international students can participant online.)


What do you need to do?


You can choose the theme which you're  interested in as follows; and form an Innovation Team during the event or you’ve already  had a team before. Each team should focus on the Challenge topic to come up with an Innovation Solution.

Before participating in the 24-hour hackathon, in order to deepen your understanding of the sustainable development values of SDG, understand the problems in the related fields of SDG as well associal innovation theory and project case experience, you need to studyone or several relevant courses or lectures you are interested in held in our SDG Study Month before the official challenge.


Hack 1

主题Theme:智慧城市 Smart City

语言Language:英文 English

承办Host:帝国理工学院 Enterprise Lab、清华x-lab

Imperial Enterprise Lab、Tsinghua x-lab

Hack 2

主题Theme:老龄化与残障人士健康福祉 Aging and Disability


承办Host:日内瓦大学Solution Space、清华x-lab、清华大学学生全球胜任力发展指导中心

UNGE Solution Space、Tsinghua x-lab、Center for Global Competence Development

Hack 3

主题Theme:创新驱动的良好健康Innovation Driven Good Health


承办Host:经管学院School of Economics and Management

Hack 4

主题Theme:食物是人和环境的中介---吃的未来设计 The Interaction of Humans and Nature: Food---Future Design of Eating


承办Host:美术学院Academy of Arts & Design

Hack 5

主题Theme:如何应对食物浪费及食品包装废弃物产生的环境问题?How To Deal With The Environmental Problems Caused By Food Waste And Food Packaging Waste?


承办Host:环境学院School of Environment

Hack 6

主题Theme:国际公共卫生紧急事件的战略传播Strategic Communication of Public Health Emergency of International Concern(PHEIC)


承办Host:新闻与传播学院School of Journalism and Communication

Hack 7

主题Theme:应对气候变化的清洁能源转型与创新 Innovation and Transition of Clean Energy in Response to Climate Change


承办Host:电机系Department of Electrical Engineering

Hack 8

主题Theme:安全隐私问题和电子信息技术Security, Privacy with Information Technology


承办Host:电子系Department of Electronic Engineering

Hack 9

主题Theme:如何构建可持续发展的生活方式?How to Build A Sustainable Lifestyle?


承办Host:社会科学学院School of Social Science

Hack 10

主题Theme:重塑教育,共建未来Reinvent Future Education for All


承办Host:航天航空学院School of Aerospace Engineering

Hack 11

主题Theme:未来智慧能源 Future Smart Energy


承办Host:机械学院/基础工业训练中心 School of Mechanical Engineering/Fundamental Industry Training Center

Hack 12

主题Theme:智能技术赋能人类文化传承Intelligent Technology Can Empower Human Culture


承办Host:计算机系Department Of Computer Science and Technology

Hack 13

主题Theme:太空艺术---艺术设计与航天科技跨界创新 Space Art---Cross Border Innovation in Art Design and Aerospace Technology


承办Host:美术学院Academy of Arts & Design

Hack 14

主题Theme:全球新发与突发传染病的挑战和应对 Challenges and Countermeasures of Global Emerging Pandemic


承办Host:清华大学深圳国际研究生院 Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School

Hack 15

主题Theme:构建更具环境和社会责任的电池利用模式 Realize More Environmentally and Socially Responsible Batteries and Their Application


承办Host:清华大学深圳国际研究生院 Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School

Hack 16

主题Theme:消化道疾病的高效安全检测 Efficient and Safe Detection of Digestive Tract Diseases


承办Host:清华大学深圳国际研究生院 Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School

Hack 17

主题Theme:医疗健康和生物芯片技术 Healthcare and Biochip Technology


承办Host:清华大学深圳国际研究生院 Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School

Hack 18

主题Theme:智能建筑与安全生活 Intelligent Construction for Safe Living


承办Host:清华大学深圳国际研究生院 Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School

Hack 19

主题Theme:信息技术创新设计促进人类健康与可持续社区Information Technique Innovation Promoting Health and Sustainable Communities


承办Host:清华大学深圳国际研究生院 Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School

Note: Hack1 and Hack2 will hold the Bootcamp and Innovation Challenge separately from Nov19-27 and Nov23-25 respectively. One best team will be selected from each of the two hacks to compete in the SDG final on Nov29.
The time of Hack1 or Hack2 is not in conflict with other Hacks. Interested students can choose an international Hack and another Hack , just sign up separately.


Event details
活动时间与地点Time and Venue:

【SDG研习月】(必选,可任选一个参加)【SDG workshop】(Compulsory course)

Time&Venue: Nov.1st – Nov. 27th, For details, please refer to the recruitment notice of each track
【SDG学习营】(即国际合作赛场,可选)【SDG innovation Boot Camp】(by choice)

帝国理工学院学习营Imperial College London:11月19日-27日 Nov.19th – Nov. 27th;

日内瓦大学学习营University of Geneva:11月23日-25日 Nov.23th – Nov. 25th;

Venue: Online

【24小时马拉松挑战赛】【SDG Open Hack @ Tsinghua】


Time:9:00A.M. Nov. 28th -14:00 P.M.Nov. 29th  (24hours)


Venue:For details, please refer to the recruitment notice of each track

【SDG决赛&颁奖仪式】【Final Competition & Award Ceremony】


Time: 17:00-20:00 P.M. Nov.29th

地点:清华大学经济与管理学院 伟伦楼 报告厅

Venue:WeiLun International Auditorium, School of Economic and Management, Tsinghua University

报名截止日期Deadline for Registeration:


面向对象Target Group:





Students who are passionate in innovation and SDG are welcomed to participate. We welcome students from all faculties and majors come by individual or group.


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What benefits you will receive?






Have an opportunity to interact with the most innovative professors and students.

Participants get to think out of the box; and be inspired by diverse cultural and technical backgrounds

Broaden your horizons by co-operating with corporations, government agencies, NGOs and academic teams

Outstanding Teams will receive one-on-one mentoring with an esteemed professional in the industry to apply your knowledge and innovation.

Receive 1 credit and an honorary certificate issued by Tsinghua University, Geneva University and UNITAR(United Nations Institute for Training and Research)


Contact Personnel

刘晓玲 Xiaoling Liu


电话 Telephone:18612082923

刘畅Chang Liu

邮箱Email :liuchang@

电话 Telephone:010-62793492